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Our Coalition

The Coalition is a team of committed, community leaders in Hawaii who are pioneering a social change about what it means to age well. Coalition members believe that quality of life is important to everyone and the process of aging begins at birth and lasts a lifetime. The Coalition hopes to change societies view to celebrate the journey of aging.

Our Mission

The coalition is dedicated to establishing and sustaining a comprehensive, coordinated home and community-based model of services that will foster quality of life and death with dignity for Maui’s older adults.


1. Improve access to information about long-term care services (including residential and support services, education, training, and employment) and availability so that people can make informed choices.
2. Increase awareness and knowledge at all levels of society about aging, long-term care and supportive services.
3. Provide education and training to long-term care caregivers in both informal home-based and formal professional situations.
4. Develop, implement, and sustain an organized long-term care infrastructure for Maui Island that matches the community’s needs and preferences.